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Our goal is to provide a complete and professional range of services around the online business. Our standard maintains whether it is a single web page or a complete eCommerce solution. We will always ensure that your online business makes the most out of the opportunities that the internet can offer. All our work is compliant with the current internet standards. We also heavily invest in researching and developing the latest technologies to ensure first-class advantages to your online business.


We excel in managing our costs and capacity and this results in huge savings for you, our customer. You do not need to pay for idle time and costly overheads. At Skeneur, we strive to provide the highest quality hosting at the lowest possible price. To learn more about our products and services or if you wish to leave your comments and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We deliver the Best Solution to every unique business


Skeneur (SK Entrepreneur) is a revolutionary web design and internet marketing firm founded on the principle of providing the best solution to every unique business, both online and offline.

We offer a variety of services ranging from Web design, Facebook marketing service, Google AdWords service, SEO, Email Marketing Service, e-Commerce online store development, Payment gateway Set-up & Integration, Website Security and Speed Boost, Photography and Image Editing as well as Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting.

In Skeneur, we focus on delivering maximum satisfaction to our customers based on their requirements. We strive to provide the optimum solution for all our customers according to their needs. We believe that a design that works does not necessarily cost a fortune. Hence, most of our services are affordable and reasonable, no matter you are running a small business or a giant enterprise.

Skeneur Web Design Malaysia is a web development and digital marketing company by SIMON VISION ENTERPRISE ( SSM REG NO. 002606911-D) based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

We focus on your business model and value so that we could design the right website for you. Having an awesome-looking website does not guarantee success in an online business, there are more ingredients needed to bake the 'pie'.

- Simon, founder of Skeneur.