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Despite the increasing popularity of e-mail as a mode of communication, it has not completely halted the use of ‘snail-mail’ as it is still considered an integral part of communication. In fact, with the advancement of technology and modern transportation, shipment of documents and items have improved in terms of speed and convenience. However, the packaging process remains a tedious and troublesome affair, as bulky items and large packages must be enclosed firmly to ensure it reaches the recipient on time. And this is where MBE comes to the rescue.

  • Franchise: Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE)
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Initial Capital Requirement: RM80K – RM300K includes franchising fee
  • Royalty: 6% of overall revenue
  • Advertising Fee: 2% of overall revenue

mbe-logoMBE, the acronym for Mail Boxes Etc., lends its expertise in organising and packing fragile parcels using its expensive stock of packaging supplies and materials such as padded envelopes, boxes, bubble wraps and packing peanuts which are shock-absorbers. Each parcel is then labelled accordingly to ensure that it arrives at the right destination. Shipping is done through recognised and reliable courier companies such as UPS, DHL, City-Link and PosLaju. With over 6,000 outlets worldwide including Malaysia, MBE is certainly here to attend to every customer’s personal and business needs.

Range of services


The services offered by MBE are split into three categories: Mailbox Services, Document Services and Communication Services. The first is a system wholly invented by MBE. Mailbox Services is a P.O. Box that acts like virtual mail, but with a real street address attached. According to this system, mails received by a Mailbox holder can be forwarded to almost any destination in the world. A Mailbox holder can also call in to check for new mails or have MBE hold the mails in a secure location until a convenient time is found to pick them up.

MBE always strives for fast and effective service. In addition to fax services, computer time rental with the internet connection and IDD cards are also available to customers at its centre.

Franchise opportunity


Are you looking for business opportunities in Malaysia? If you would like to start a courier service company and you don’t want to start everything from scratch, MBE could be your perfect opportunity.

MBE is the world’s number one business services franchise network with over 6,200 centres operating in 30 countries.

With over 92 centres operating in Malaysia and growing, MBE is looking for people with a passion for running their own business to share the ongoing expansion.


What makes MBE the perfect business choice?

  • Low Initial investment
  • Low monthly operating cost
  • Typically 250-1,200 sq. ft. per outlet
  • Easy to manage inventory
  • Minimal staffing necessary to operate
  • Exclusive partnership with Petronas Stations and
  • Exclusive MBE Malaysia service offering
  • Over 30 locations available
  • Our exclusive partnership with Petronas enables kiosks to be located within existing Kedai Mesras, saving franchisees significant construction and renovation costs.

Also, MBE Malaysia’s first location within a hotel is coming soon in a special partnership with This diverse range of locations – petrol stations, commercial buildings and shopping malls – means more convenience for customers and more business for you!


You’ll be guided every step of the way, with a proven system that provides you with valuable training and support from the fine people at MBE Malaysia, which includes:

  • Pre-opening, site location and lease negotiation
  • Financing assistance and business planning
  • Area Operational Support
  • National Marketing Support
  • Training

Q&A Section

Q: What makes the MBE franchise different from its competitors?

  • MBE is one of the world’s fastest growing franchises – on average, one new MBE location opens  every week somewhere around the world
  • It is 3 times larger than its five largest competitors combined
  • It is Entrepreneur magazine’s #1 rated franchise in the postal and business services category for 21 years in a row; #2 in the Franchise 500 in the year 2001.

Q: Why should I invest in MBE?

  • 20+ years of experience
  • A proven business concept implemented more than 6,200 times around the world

Q: What is the estimated initial investment cost of an MBE centre?

  • The estimated initial investment ranges between RM80K to RM300K which includes the
    franchise fee, furniture and fixtures, signages, M&E works, renovation, equipment and supplies and initial stocks. (Actual costs vary depending on individual locations and circumstances)
  • The estimated figure is not inclusive of working capital and security deposits

Q: What is the royalty amount payable to MBE HQ?

  • Total royalty payable on a monthly basis is 8% based on the overall revenue
  • The 8% is made up of 6% (royalty to MBE HQ) and 2% (marketing fee)

Q: What is the marketing for and how will it be utilised?

  • The 2% marketing fee will be used to implement campaigns branding exercises across
    the network
  • The utilization of the fund will be jointly decided by the selected Marketing Committee
    members and MBE HQ
  • Franchisees are responsible to carry out LSM (local store marketing) at their retail level
    and surrounding area

Q: Does MBE offer financing?

  • Financing is offered through local financial institutions which MBE is working closely with to offer various financing schemes. Currently, we are only able to assist with the business plans and documentation needed by the financial institutions.

Q: Do I find my locations or does MBE?

  • We will provide guidance and help you make the best choice for your centre. With experience shared with our franchisees, we strive to ensure that the location recommended for your new MBE centre provides a profitable and sustainable business opportunity.

Q: Will I get protected territory for my centre?

  • Yes. Each traditional MBE centre has a protected territory that ensures no other traditional centre will be placed in that area. This territory is segmented with local demand knowledge and is typically based on individual suburbs.

Q: Will MBE provide assistance in the design of my centre?

  • Yes. MBE will design your centre and our representative will oversee the construction process, which enables your centre to be built quickly and cost-effectively.

Q: What does my training include?

  • A comprehensive 1 – 2 weeks training programme organized by MBE which includes 10 days of hands-on in-centre training and another 5 days of classroom training.
  • Training includes operating procedures, products and services, business management, marketing and public relations.
  • You will also be provided with training manuals to facilitate the whole training programme.

Q: What support will I receive after training is completed?

  • You will receive on-going support from our field operatives
  • Additional support includes network meetings and exchange sessions with other MBE franchisees, newsletters, centre visits and business development tools
  • MBE also provides professional growth and development programme to help you stay on a top of a dynamic marketplace
  • You will receive a complete set of operation manuals that will assist you in running your centre effectively

Q: Can I open multiple centres?

  • Yes. MBE encourages franchisees to strive for multiple-centre ownership, subject to availability and eligibility criteria

Q: What is the break-even point for MBE?

  • Our typical gross margin ranges from 35% – 50% depending on the products and services sold. Our focus should be on our core revenue contributors; courier, mailbox and document services. Operational break-even ranges from 3 – 8 months which is highly dependent on the type of transactions.

Q: What are the deposits the franchisee needs to be mindful of?

  • Courier deposits (City-Link, Pos Laju and DHL – where applicable), TNB, TM, credit card merchant, copier and rental deposits.

Q: Can I offer other products and services not available at other MBE centres?

  • Yes. We understand that certain products and services will appeal to a targeted segment. Franchisees just need to write-in to seek approval from MBE

Q: How many staff do I need?

  • At the beginning, 2 full staff time will be needed

Q: Do I need to purchase everything from MBE?

  • No. We have approved a list of vendors which the franchisees will purchase directly. These vendors are vetted through for their price competitiveness and quality control
  • Only packaging materials such as bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, peanuts will be purchased directly from MBE because of a bulk purchase order

Q: Are the Petronas sites available to all?

  • Yes. Franchisees will identify their preferred Petronas stations and we will submit the requests to Petronas HQ for space consideration.

Q: What is MBE’s vision for the future?

  • MBE hopes to develop a comprehensive local network of MBE centres providing the highest level of convenience and value-added service to our customers.
  • MBE and its partners are working together to develop new opportunities to leverage on
    our combined strength in areas

Note: The Star Online reported that the Courier company GD Express Carrier Bhd (GDex) acquired MBE Malaysia for RM5.5mil. Please contact MBE through their official page for more information.

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