Pre-Sales FAQ

1. How to order an e-Commerce store from Skeneur?


2. How to make payment to Skeneur?

  • You can make a Bank Transfer to the following:
    • Bank: Maybank
    • Bank Account: 514057714323
    • Account Name: Simon Vision Enterprise
  • After you made the payment, please send us the payment details of :
    • Bank Name :
    • Banking Date :
    • Banking Time :
    • Banking Reference No :
    • Total amount you have paid :
    • Your Order No :
  • You may scan and email us the above info to Email Address: support@skeneur.com
    ***Note: Your e-Commerce store will not be processed until we have this confirmation


3. How long does it usually takes to process my e-Commerce store?

  • Delivery usually will take about 3 to 5 working days.

Post-Sales FAQ

1. Where can I find tutorials and guides?

You can find them in our Support Center.


2. What is your support hours?

We provide email and phone support from Mondays to Fridays, 9AM – 5PM.


3. The website is done but I have no sales, will you help?

Yes. On top of e-Commerce website design service, our company also provide SEOGoogle advertisingFacebook advertising, email marketing and other online marketing services which can help our clients to boost their sales online. Kindly contact us for more information.


4. My website is down / email is not functioning and I can’t contact you because it is after support hours.

Our support hours is not 24/7, however, we will try our best to assist you.


5. I accidentally delete an item / change something and now my website is acting weird or malfunction, will you help?

We strongly recommend you to contact us before you attempt to do anything you aren’t familiar with. In the case of accident, we will try our best to restore it for you at an extra charge. If there is no backup, we might not be able to do anything.


1. e-Commerce Features

All our plans from Basic, Startup, Standard to Business consist of different standard features come pre-installed. These features are listed in the e-Commerce Features tab under the e-Commerce Packages Page.


2. FREE Lifetime Domain (.com)

All our plans come with free lifetime domain name! As long as you renew your subscription with us yearly, we will renew your domain name for free!


3. Unlimited Products

Only e-Commerce Business Package will have unlimited products features. Please refer to the e-Commerce Packages Page.


4. Custom Email Account

We will help you to create a professional Email Account with your domain name upon request.


5. Responsive Design

The e-Commerce template created by us are mostly mobile responsive, which means the website will adapt to the layout when it is browsed using mobile, tablets and desktop. This makes sure your website does not display in full desktop view while in mobile so it is not hard to navigate. Please consult us before you purchase in order to confirm that the template that you choose is mobile responsive.

Responsive design is NOT a mobile app. Besides, this doesn’t guarantee your website will have full functionality on every single mobile device in the world.


6. Sliding Banners Design

In your homepage, we will design insert the fancy sliding banners to enhance your website’s first impression as it is in the standard e-Commerce templates. Any additional banner you require will be charged at extra.


7. SEO Friendly

By SEO Friendly, we mean that your website URL will mostly be in canonical URL and not dynamic. This makes sure that your website link is readable by most of the search engine.

This doesn’t mean that we will do any keyword research or manual SEO write-up for you, and it doesn’t guarantee ranking!


8. Bulk Upload Products

Uploading product 1 by 1 in the web user interface may be easy but it is also time-consuming when you have more than 50 products to upload in 1 shot. With this feature, you can use Excel in .csv format to upload all your products easily.


9. Support Multiple Payment Gateways

Our e-Commerce system supports multiple payment gateways, those included FREE are: Manual Bank Transfer, Free Checkout and PayPal.

For Malaysia customers, the system also supports MOLPay, iPay88 and eGHL Payment Gateway. However, the sign-up fee for these payment gateways is NOT INCLUDED.

If and only if you purchase the e-Commerce Standard or Business package from us, you will be eligible for a free integration and set up of the e-GHL Starter Package in your store. Any upgrade plans on top of this will require an additional cost. See the comparison between different Payment Gateway in Malaysia.


10. Product Filter & Refine Search

The only filter that the default system has is browsed by category, sub-categories or by brand. With product filter and refine a search, your visitors can refine their products search by options, such as filter the product list by colors, size and price.

Example: Your customers can scope down his search by specifying Blue Color, M Size and below RM500, then every product which fulfilled these criteria will be shown.


11. Auto Follow Up (Abandoned Cart)

You can sign up a Free auto follow up system with MailChimp. Did you know 90% of the sales in e-Commerce stores are lost in the Cart/Checkout page? With this feature, you can automatically send your customer a follow-up email, and even offer them a coupon for a discount to bring them back!


12. Secured Site with SSL Certificate

All e-Commerce packages include 1 SSL Certificate which can help to secure your website on information transfer between your visitors and your server. It will also display a padlock on the visitors’ browser to strengthen their confidence in buying from your online store!


13. On-Page SEO Optimizations

Only for e-Commerce Business Package customers. With our help, you can provide us with up to 30 keywords of your choice, and we will optimize the Meta Title and Meta description of your products. Any additional keywords, articles, pages, posts or products optimizations will be charged at extra.


14. Search Engine Submission

Only for e-Commerce Business Package customers. We will submit your completed e-Commerce website to different search engines for FREE upon request.


15. Business and Marketing Consultation with our Experts

Our team are made up of industry experts and e-Commerce professional who have great experience in business marketing and e-Commerce marketing.

Consult us anytime by sending us an email and we will assist you with our knowledge as much as we can!


16.  Email and Phone Support

Support is provided for free to all customers for all packages. Feel free to email and call us when necessary.

However, take note that support and customization/feature requests are different. If you need customization or require new features, this will be charged at extra.