How to Register a Company in Malaysia Online through ezBiz (by SSM)

Register company in Malaysia online via EzBiz SSM

Do you have a company or business in Malaysia? Have you registered your company under SSM? Most of us are giving excuses like we don’t have time to visit the SSM office. How about online registration? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to register your company in Malaysia online via the ezBiz portal by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). However, it is still not 100% online (especially for those who never start a company), the reason is that, in order for you to register your company in Malaysia online, you are required to visit the SSM office at least once in a lifetime for the ezBiz account activation.

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What is ezBiz?

ezBiz is an official online business registration portal provided by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) to allow the user to do new business registration, changes in business particulars, terminate and purchase business information. It is an alternative way of “over-the-counter” transactions which is simple, quick and hassle-free. ezBiz is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by accessing

SSM ezBiz official website

The Malaysia Company Commission (SSM) reminds the customers and people to be careful of the existence of a website that uses SSM name without permission to gain profit. Be sure to visit the valid website at

SSM business renewal website scam

How to register as an ezBiz Online user?

First, visit ezBiz Online Registration Page and register as an ezBiz Online user by clicking here. Choose NRIC as the Id Type, key in your Identity Card (IC) number and fill in your Name as per IC and other required details as instructed.

ezbiz ssm account registration online

ezBiz account Activation by visiting SSM counter

Next, you will have to visit the nearest SSM office for one-time activation. Although it is an online service, you still require to visit the SSM branch for the online account activation. Personally, I feel that this is redundant but I believe it has its own reason to do so.

  • The owner of the company must be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia.
  • The owner of the company must also be aged in between 18 years and above.

How to activate ezBiz online during MCO period?

guideline to activate ezbiz during MCO period

What are the services offered via ezBiz Online Portal by SSM?

How much do I need to pay for:

ezBiz Online New Business Registration

You can easily register a New Business via the ezBiz Online Portal. Once you’ve logged in, go to My Business Services > New Business Registration > New Business.


You will have to go through five sections on the website for a successful business registration. The Main Information Section is where you fill in the details like Business Name, Business Start date, Registration period and Business address information. Here is a guide for Business Name Application. For Business names like Nurseries/Taska, Care Centre/Pusat Jagaan, Kindergarten/Tadika, Tuition Centre/Pusat Tuisyen, Enrichment Centre/Pusat Perkembangan, School/Sekolah, you must proceed to the nearest SSM counter. Also, read the article on how to get a great name for your company. Then, you will need to fill in the information regarding your company branches (if applicable) in the Branches Section. Next, fill in the Business Code information in the Business Code Section. You can search for your business code in this link. After that, fill in the owner’s information in the Owners Section. Last, make your payment and declare the information submitted in the Fees & Declaration Section.

ezBiz Online Change of Business Particulars

If you made a mistake or need to update your business particulars, you can always make changes by going to My Business Services > Business Changes > New Business Changes. The changes of info to the business will cost you RM20.00 and RM10 for the Business Info print-out. Partner verification is required for any changes in the Business Particulars (if Partnership), the application would not proceed if the partner does not yet verify it.

You can update the following:

  • Principal business address
  • Type of business
  • Particulars on branches
  • Note: Changes of information of owner/partner can only be done over the counter.


ezBiz Online Business Renewal

Once you have your online ezBiz account activated, you can renew your business online via the portal. The renewal period should be prior or within 12 months after the expired date. Go to My Business Services > Renewal Service > Renewal by Owners.

Steps to renew business via EzBiz Online Portal by owner

You can also perform a third-party business renewal by going to My Business Services > Renewal Service > Renewal by Others.


You can view all your Business Renewal transactions by going to My Business Services > Renewal Service > Renewal History.

ezBiz Online Business Termination

You can also terminate your active business using the ezBiz online portal by going to My Business Services > Business Termination > New Business Termination.

ezBiz Online Compound Services

You can view your outstanding compound and make an online compound payment by going to My Compound Services > Compound Payment. All compounds issued under Business Registration Act 1956 and Companies Act 1965 can be paid through ezBiz Online compound services.

How much is the New Company Registration fees?

  • Personal Name is RM30.00 per year
  • Trade Name is RM60.00 per year
  • Branch(s) is RM5 per year for each branch

How much is the Changes of Business Particulars fees?

  • Change of business particulars is RM20.00

How much is the Business Renewal fees?

  • Personal Name is RM30.00 per year
  • Trade Name is RM60.00 per year
  • Branch(s) is RM5.00 per year for each branch
  • Business information is RM10.00

How much is the Business termination fees?

  • No fee is required

What is the mode of payment in ezBiz Online?


You can make the payment either for New Business Registration, Changes of Business Particulars or Business Renewal by using a Credit card or FPX (Financial Process Exchange – Online banking) service.

How long does it take for business application to be approved (through ezBiz)?

New Business Registration

  • Applications received before 12pm will be processed by 5.00pm on the same day
  • Applications received after 12.00 pm will be processed before 12:00 pm the following business day
  • Applications received on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed by 12.00 noon on the next working day
  • Incomplete applications will be processed within 24 hours after the response is received (query answered) on working days

Business Renewal

  • Immediately approved / auto-approved, customers can download their business certificates through ezBiz Online upon successful transaction

Status of Business Registration & Download Business Certificate

The user will receive email notification regarding the application status. Once the registration has been approved, the user may download the registration form, certificate and business information (if any) through ezbiz Online Portal.

How to reply/ answer query?

The user must reply/ answer the query through ezbiz Portal within 30 days from the query date.

For more information regarding Ezbiz Online,

  • Call Centre for related enquiry: +603 7721 4000
  • E-mail for general enquiry:

About the author Simon K.

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  1. Donald J

    Thank you very much for the insights. I loved it.

  2. Emi

    Once registered online, we still need to go to the registrar office for thumbprint.

  3. Emi C

    Thank you. This is valuable info.

    Can you tell me the difference between:

    There’s too many portal registration provided by SSM. I am getting a bit confused.

    • Simon K. is the official website for SSM, you will find all related information and guides from the official site. is an online portal where you can log in to renew or register your company online.

  4. Beng Sing

    After make paymeny and get the Ref. No from the Ezbiz, how and when i get the Business Registration No. ?

    • Simon K.

      Once your business registration is completed, you can check your Business Registration No. under the tab “My Business Services”.

    • Seri

      I tried to register online but when it come to the last part there is no box to tick aknowledge or submit button. What goes wrong with my applicatio ya? I already gave one Enterprise company Registered .. how many can u have

      • Simon K.

        You can register for another business even if you already have one. There is no limit.

  5. bryan wong

    i have registered my info online .what if i don’t activate it.will they delete my account ?

  6. dd

    How can i delete the incentive ???

  7. omer

    hi, if this is not my first time using ezbiz to register, been to ssm office once, already activate my account. do I still need to visit ssm office for my second business registration?

    • Simon K.

      Hi Omer, once you have your ezbiz account, you don’t have to visit the ssm office again for your second business registration. You can register directly from the website.

  8. Anna

    Hi, can I register business for my friends with my ezbiz account? Thanks

    • Simon K.

      Under the owners details section, you can add your friend as the owner of the business. However, your friend must register as an EzBiz user first in order to add them as owners of the business.

  9. Desmond Lee

    Hi, now is lockdown time, but my father shop need to renew. (Already late 28days). Is there any other way to do online payment? I never use this ezbiz b4. Anything I can do at home?? Without go-to ssm?

    • Simon K.

      This is the official reply from SSM ( For customers who haven’t activated the online ezbiz id, any business can only be done after the pkp period ends because the verification process for activation id online is only available through the ssm counter. It seems like you have no choice but to wait until the lockdown period ends.

      Alternatively, we can also help you renew your business with SSM. Check out our new service (

      • Hung Mun Siew

        hi Simon, just asking, if I register new business, why I get the status, pending payment although there’s a button to submit payment either tru online or over the counter

        • Simon K.

          Yes, to successfully register a new business, you will need to pay. Since you have an ezbiz account, you can just submit payment through online.

  10. kavi

    after i key in all me details,why still can’t fo registration, asking me user id.
    where should i take my user id?

    • Simon K.

      To register as a Ezbiz user, you will need to complete the registration process by start clicking on this link. Only upon successful verification at the SSM counter or through email, you will be able to log in.

      • Kok yeong kong

        How long do I need to wait for approval after I make the payment online ?

        • Simon K.

          For new business registration, within 1-2 working days. For business renewal, immediate approval.

        • kavi varman

          hi mr simon, i already registered my account.then i also send my ic front ,back , with my face and some documents to the ezbiz emai. but still i didn’t receive any replies or id . why and when i will get my id

  11. kavi

    thank you mr.simon k

  12. kavi varman

    my new ssm registration was successful.
    now i can download my certificate by ezbiz web login,my question is why certificate is not in colour,the SSM on top is in black and white,its should be yellow colour rite?

    • Simon K.

      Great, you successfully registered your SSM through ezBiz. The SSM certificate is in black and white (even if you go to the counter), and it is good enough to display the black and white version. There is another version with color and certified stamp, it is called CTC (Certified True Copy), you can purchase it via SSM e-Info or MYDATA SSM. However, there is no need to get the color version for display purpose.

      • kavi varman

        oh really , thank you so much mr.simon k

  13. Wee Mun

    Hi, what is the requirement for renewal? Do SSM need things like audited account, annual returns, etc.

    • Simon K.

      For Sole Proprietor business renewal, there is no specific requirement, you just need to bring the money for renewal.

  14. id yani

    hi there, i try to submit supporting document through email but the email can’t go through. do they have any standard format for the supporting document file? thank you

    • Simon K.

      Try to convert your documents to PDF.

  15. Ain

    hi mr simon, I want to ask regarding SSM registration. i already registered my account (10/6) and sending the document (IC and other document) to ezbiz email. But until now i didn’t receive any notification email regarding ID activation. when can i get my id activation?

    • Simon K.

      Please be patient due to the large number of online applications during this period. You can also get a confirmation by reaching the SSM officers via the official SSM Facebook page (

  16. Ivan

    Hi Mr. Simon, could I register LLP business through ezbiz?


    Thank You for the insight. A good info for beginner like me.


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